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We sell high quality chip tuning boxes for cars, vans, SUV-s, tractors, boats, trucks - commercial vehicles, buses - coaches and more. For petrol engines and for all common rail turbo diesel engines as TDI, CDI, HDI, JTD, MJT, JTDM, DCI, CDTI, DTI, CRDI, D4D, CRD, TDCI, TD4, XDI, for engines with the rotary pump VP30 VP37 VP44

The chiptuning and automotive branches are subject to frequent changes. Our team of experts is constantly developing their knowledge in this sector.

We have worked and stimulated development in the chip tuning branch since 2005. Particularely, our focus lies on technical innovations concerning engine tuning.

We are constantly monitoring news from the chip tuning sector and we are reacting to them immediately. Therefore, you can be sure with us that chip tuning of your car will be done according to the newest trend.

We use high quality products and technical procedures to ensure high quality products.

By using our own skills and experience, combined with the network of partners in the industry we hope to become the leading chiptuning company in Europe and abroad.


·       Normally aspirated petrol engines usually gain 10-12% hp and 13-15% torque, and 5-7% fuel saving.

·       Turbo charged petrol engines usually gain 20-25% hp and 30-35% torque, and 10-15% more fuel consumption only at "full throttle".

·       Supercharged petrol engines usually gain 10-12% hp and 13-15% torque, and 5-7% fuel saving.   

·      Turbo diesel engines usually gain 30-35%hp and 35-40% torque, and 10-15% fuel saving only at "highway" driving conditions.  


Get more from your vehicle engine fitting the ultimate generation of performance chip tuning boxes developed by our specialist. 


  • Fuel economy improvement by up to 15%
  • Enhances the performance of your engine, from 25% to 40% (power and torque)
  • Better engine performance
  • Increase the maximum speed from 10 to 20 km/h
  • Exhaust gas cleaner
  • Better cold start
  • Constant in minimum engine rpm in all conditions
  • Does not increase the emissions
  • Will not harm your engine, does not increase injection pressure
  • Will not alter engine diagnostics functioning
  • Will not interfere with engine error sense code
  • Does not  change the service intervals required for your vehicle
  • The installation manual that comes with each unit is simple and well illustrated
  • No less then each and every item is electronically hand tested before delivery
  • Two years warranty